Saturday, July 25, 2009

Acid or Base?

We've been using a science kit Dinoguy got as a gift last year to learn about Acids & Bases. It has some fun activities where things change color based on if they are acidic or basic and growing colorful crystals and making a little color changing "volcano". Though the boys pointed out that since the lava wasn't coming from inside the volcano it wasn't as real as the ones we've made before, it was still fun.

Munchkin supervises


Ashlee and Bill said...

You used Munch-kin's real name in the post... Just thought you'd want to know!

KMDuff said...

LOL, that's what happens when you blog late at night I guess. Thanks Ashlee.

Rachael said...

M- seriously - you're a brilliant mother! You never cease to amaze me with what you do with your kids. I try - I really do! And sometimes I feel like I'm successful. But you definitely take first prize!


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