Sunday, June 28, 2009

6 months!

Munchkin turned 6 months old officially. Where has the time gone?

I realize this also means the boys have grown another half-year.

I remember when Dinoguy was a baby. I was very impatient for him to do interesting stuff and interact more with me.

Perhaps since he seems to be growing by leaps and bounds intellectually now or perhaps because it is my third and I have started to learn how fast kids really grow that I am trying so much harder to savor and appreciate all the beauties of my baby girl.

I have stepped away from taking hundreds of pictures all day long in favor of spending the time on the floor with her as she scoots backwards everywhere.

I prefer to be reading a book with the kids then writing a post about what we are up to lately.

I can be found out in the garden spraying the tomatoes for mites and pushing Munchkin in her swing, hanging the laundry on the line. Trainboy will be jumping on the trampoline and helping me check the plants for bugs. Dinoguy may be helping push Munchkin, or on an expedition or in a battle or perhaps discussing how to best hang the laundry with me.

Munchkin is mostly just squealing with laughter in the bucket swing and alternatively reaching to me saying "pick me up!" We have been doing part time EC as she seems to really want to. She was making the sounds when I took her to the potty the other day. She is amazing.
She seems to be cutting more teeth since she loves to bite with the two she has. They are razor sharp. She rolls and turns and scoots backwards very quickly, using her feet to navigate around most obstacles. She is lunging herself at everything on the table within her reach meaning we only have about half the table to use. She flipped my dinner on the floor last week. She is growing impatient with baby cereal and mashed food and wants whatever we have. She drinks well from a sippy cup and pretty good from a regular cup.

She doesn't sit unassisted yet and throws herself onto her tummy to move around when put in a tripod usually. She is falling asleep unassisted sometimes. She is done with being swaddled and wriggles loose. She loves sitting between her brothers in our new (to us) station wagon in the bigger car seat b/c she outgrew the infant seat.

My word this year is listen and I've been doing a lot of it. I haven't written as much usually as I want to b/c I'm too busy listening to sit down and type. I am writing this as fast as I can when I should be in bed tonight. Life is definitely busy, joyful and amazing here.

Fixitman snapped these cute photos of Munchkin when she scooted under the couch yesterday. Precious babe.


Annemarie said...

I'm so impressed with her hair! My little fella is sporting a nature-given mohawk that's very tempting to enhance, but it's nothing like those curls. Happy 6 month birthday. :)

Emily said...

Wow! I didn't even know you were pregnant! I couldn't remember your blogspot address but just found I can check in more often. Looks like you guys are busy and having fun! Your baby girl is adorable...and are those red curls I see? I would love to know her real name! e-mail me it! Please!
Don't you just love having a baby girl???:)


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