Friday, June 05, 2009

Visiting friends

Last week we went to Arkansas to visit a dear friend of mine who has 3 boys. It's hysterical to us that we now have 6 kids between us because I think in our minds we aren't much different from when we met in college.

But we do. Have 3 kids each. Wow. That's a lot.
Luckily only 4 of them are mobile so far. Phew!

While we love to see one another, this wasn't just a "hey, we're coming to visit" type of visit. This was a helping kind of visit. Her baby is just a week older than mine.
She's been having some nursing problems since she got mastitis last month. She hasn't been able to get her milk supply back up and that sweet baby had lost a little bit of weight. She's been having a hard time. Her doctor wasn't helpful with her nursing problems. Neither was the baby nutritionist. Sweet baby boy rejected the formula option too. He refused it. She'd been pumping 4+ times a day in addition to feeding him as much as she could and starting cereal. He would only suckle when there was milk though and wasn't getting enough it seemed. How could I help? I wondered. I thought of something and offered and she thought it was a great idea. Up we went to visit.

She & I nursed each others babies. My sweet munchkin helped increase her milk supply with her excellent suckling abilities and her sweet baby boy got more than enough milk from my bountiful bosoms.
With just 2 days of switching babies her milk supply on the affected side had increased to normal again and she was again feeling confidence in her nursing abilities. Happy babies and happy mommies rejoiced. We had a great visit and lots of fun as well. It was a good trip.


Kristi said...

That's awesome! Anything moms can do to help each other out is a good thing. Glad your friend is having an easier time.

Lise said...

That is cool you guys had the idea to do that. I have had a hard time keeping my milk up for all 4 of my kids. My theory changes each time around but right now it is that I don't give them a bottle (then they won't work for it at the breast) and I don't exercise hard (I know it is weird but I have seen a correlation between exercising and my milk supply). If your friend has problems with it again, I have used Mother's Milk tea which helps a little and I take Fenugreek pills (up to 3-3 times a day) which really helps. Anyway, thought I would offer my expert advice, ha ha not, but I have been through it before.

Roni said...

You rock, my friend!! What a wonderful thing to do for a mama in need!!
And, I gotta say - Those babies are ADORABLE!!! I can't believe how big your little munchkin is getting!!!!


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