Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Birthday cakes

My cake

Fixitman & I celebrated birthdays in April which meant lots of chocolate cake! Yummy! He made a delicious one for me on my birthday and I returned the favor by making one for him on his.
Fixitman debates sharing his cake

The boys had a lot of fun getting gifts. Dinoguy gave me an egg salad sandwich he made on his own (with help from Dad) from the eggs we dyed at Easter. He told Fixitman all about it in advance and got his help/supervision to make it on my birthday. It was delicious. What a great gift! Trainboy wanted to give me a "remote controlled flower" and was very disappointed when he couldn't find one at the store. So he got me a small toy jeep with water skis on its roof rack and towing a boat.Dinoguy took this picture of me on my birthday. He's getting pretty good with the camera!

On Fixitman's birthday I took them to the store and Dinoguy picked out a paddleball for his dad while Trainboy picked a Kinex airplane kit. Just what Fixitman wanted! :D

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Updike Update said...

It looks like you guys had a really fun trip. Happy Belated Birthday. We need to get together sometime for dinner or something. It has been too long.


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