Friday, December 19, 2014

Photos from May 2014

May 5 is the day we learned we'd have to move away from our country house that summer. It was not a planned or desired move. However when you rent, unexpected things like your home being sold out from under you happen. As a result, I spent many hours in May searching for a new place for us to live. We did have some other fun activities though.

I ran in another 5Kwith a friend. It was my first trail race and I was worried most of the time that I was going to fall and twist my ankle. I managed to finish without that happening. I even got a faster time than the last race!
Dinoguy came with me to the race. He passed out water cups and cheered for me. That was fun!

We ordered more butterfly caterpillers. Princess requested them but we all really enjoyed watching the butterflies grow, make chrysalises, and hatch. We learned lots about nature from it. I love seeing their tongue uncurl to drink juice!

Trainboy had a few more soccer games to play in at the beginning of the month.

Baby started cutting his first teeth! Trying to take a picture of it was not easy.
Little Guy wearing a bow tie for church "just like dad"

I had fun on a cub scout cooking project with this sweet boy.
Dinoguy earned ranks and merit badges at a court of honor.

Trainboy got new glasses.
He picked them out and when we got home they were similar to Dad's new glasses!
Baby started moving backwards. This means he got stuck under the couches!
Swim meet season arrived. Both older boys participated.

Trainboy participated in a piano recital. His piano playing skills are progressing nicely.
This kid kept me laughing. He's a sweet one.
And I took lots of pictures of this sweet baby.

That's a quick summary of May!

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