Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shoshone Falls

After successfully packing up all of our belongings and moving them into storage, we took off for our Summer Fun, visiting Family across the country. First up was Idaho. Shoshone Falls was turned on full flow while we were there which doesn't happen much (they divert the flow for irrigation) so we went to see it, it was an awesome sight.
Seeing Shoshone Falls

Isn't it gorgeous?

Double rainbows!

Excited kids don't hold still for pictures

Tada! 6 at once!

Baby dealing with too much hair in his face. Oh how he needed a haircut!

The rainbows from the mist were fantastic.
We also went to see Twin Falls, the falls for which the city is named for, which is just a few miles down the Snake river. Except they killed one of the falls. No longer can you see the twin falls, just one fall and where the other one was before they diverted it, also for irrigation and power. No pictures, I just found it depressing.

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Rachael said...

I love this falls! I grew up with my grandparents in Twin Falls so I saw it often. Very jealous you got to see it at full-strength. Absolutely right - they don't have it like that anymore. (rare)


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