Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Princess' scripture bag

I made a little Book of Mormon bag carrier for Princess out of some old receiving blankets using these instructions. She was thrilled because she sees her brothers carry scriptures to church and usually wants to carry her own as well. This makes it easier for her and it's so cute! She brings it out every night when we read scriptures and is very protective of her book.

I told Trainboy I'd make one for him too, but he didn't like any of the fabrics I had on hand. We still haven't made it to the fabric store to find an acceptable "boy" fabric for him.

Dinoguy has a scripture bag and his large scripture set from his eighth birthday. But since bringing scriptures is very emphasized in primary now, Trainboy also tries to take scriptures each week - and we have enough extras that he has some he considers his until he gets his own official set at eight.


erin said...

Princess is so cute! She'll be a great sister missionary! :p

Meri said...

Good job! That scripture bag is so cute!


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