Saturday, April 30, 2011

Audubon center

We checked out the local Audubon center this month and had a good time. Princess was very interested in doing the crafts, she is just so big now. I can't believe how grown up and independent she has become recently.

Dinoguy spent a while making an owl puppet, he usually isn't very interested in the crafts. Trainboy taught the lady at the origami table how to make paper cranes - she hadn't been able to figure it out. Then we visited some of their exhibits and learned about river formation and the flooding plains in the local area.

Finally we checked out a bit of their trails and looked for birds. But it was a Saturday and the center was packed with people and I wasn't really prepared for a ton of hiking so we didn't stay very long. I think the kids would have stayed all day, they really liked it.

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