Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bits and pieces and a Happy Halloween

 Fixitman and Trainboy went to the state fair for a daddy-son date. (Dinoguy did the cub scout camp thing with his dad the previous week.) They went to a lot of areas we hadn't seen on our family trip. They test drove a nice truck, did mini race cars, played soccer and baseball (where they got the fun under eye patches) and lots more.
My dear friend with her kids and my kids - she spent the month with us, helping me out and caring for me after I had our new baby. 

My three and her two the day before new baby was born.
My three trick or treaters! Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker and a fairy princess. 
The tiara disappeared, the glasses got broken, a robe ripped and we had to find a new wand. But they had fun. Grandma came to visit shortly after baby was born and help out. She took them to the church trunk or treat.
My mom and I (and Munchkin). (Photo by Dinoguy) Love ya mom.
Baby and Grandma.

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mariann and Tory said...

Those costumes look awesome! Love the glasses!


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