Thursday, June 10, 2010

Violin concert

We had a violin concert this month! There's another one next week. The boys have been practicing hard for the concert which includes solo pieces and group performances. I was the accompanist for the group, meaning Fixitman got to run the camera and hold Munchkin at the same time.
The videos aren't great - the sound isn't matched up to the violins and the sound quality isn't totally true. But here they are if you want to hear the boys play their solos. Hopefully next time we can get some of the group pieces recorded too.

Violin has been a wonderful thing for our family. There have been so many positives from having the boys learn. I am so glad we decided to try it out last year!


Chrispy said...

Thanks for posting this! The boys and you were fantastic!!! :)

Do you mind if I link to your post via the violin studio blog?

Malina said...

Link away Chrispy. :D

Updike Update said...

very impressive, seriously they are good.

mariann and Tory said...

That is awesome that they like to play! I tried talking Makinzi into it and she is going to go for the clarinet?? Oh well...its nice to see that they like musical instraments!!


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