Saturday, June 05, 2010


It is hot already! Trainboy asked me today if it was still spring. When I said yes, he said "But spring isn't supposed to be so hot!" Sorry honey. Where we live, it just is. These photos are from the park recently. The kids did play some, but I mostly hid in the shade. Thank goodness its cooler in the shade!


Stephanie said...

I'm hoping that since we had so much cool, the mid-nineties and 100's will hold off for a while
We'll see!!

Tim Caswell said...

It's nice to read your blog :D And that is the one thing I really enjoyed about flying back today, the cool breeze as we got off the plane!
We need to buy us some tickets for our fix-up-the-house trip.
And you need to figure out when you want me to come out for the new baby :D


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