Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome Spring?

Spring arrived with a snowstorm. I spent two years telling my kids it was too warm in Texas for snow to really stick and this winter we've had 3 major snow storms. There went my credibility. I was surprised to see our front yard covered as well, due to the wind. That's a first for us. It's very pretty though! There are a good 4 inches on top of the car when I measured.

Of course we have early morning church and the boys couldn't run out and play in the snow. They were good sports and didn't complain but were excited to build a snowman when we got home.

I helped dress them up in their snow gear and get outside. (Munchkin was asleep). Then I snapped a few pictures before going and taking a nap myself. (Fixitman was awake and kept and eye on them.)

When I woke up, I found Trainboy asleep on the couch and Munchkin stuffing herself with her new favorite food group: mac & cheese.

I went and took a picture of their adorable snowman that they made all by themselves (though it may have melted some before I got the picture).

And here is what the yard looked like, at 2 pm in the afternoon. The snow was very agreeable, lasting as long as it did for them to play in before melting mostly away.

So welcome Spring! I hope you didn't kill my fern & pineapple plants that I had put outside previously since it's been so warm. I brought them in yesterday before it got too cold but they still didn't look too happy. I'm glad I didn't plant my garden already, though I have some volunteer lettuce and parsley already coming up. Hopefully this is the last snow we see for the year, as I'm very ready for hot weather!

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Bridget said...

yeah isn't one of the benefits of Texas supposed to be being able to garden earlier and longer? I rooted pinapples this last winter, but I am not sure they will survive the last couple cold snaps as they have been outside the past two weeks, opps.


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