Monday, March 22, 2010


So Saturday, Munchkin missed her normal nap, since Fixitman was supposed to put her down for it, and instead ended up dealing with bathing her and cleaning syrup up in the kitchen after she dumped it out. I was out running errands. When I got back she was hungry for lunch and we fed her and then I forgot again about her nap. The kids were all playing in the living room and I went to check something on the computer. When I came to check on them, I found Munchkin fast asleep on the train table. Isn't she precious?

Her brothers had not noticed until I took a picture and thought it hilarious. I took the picture and then moved her to her crib for a more comfortable nap. Trainboy and Dinoguy of course were being cute so I snapped pictures of them too.

Don't you love how Dinoguy likes to hide inside the couch while reading? I think I did something similar when I was a kid. Too funny.


Agave said...

How adorable!!! I just love it when little ones fall asleep in strange places. :)

Stephanie said...

It sure is a sweet, sweet picture.


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