Saturday, December 26, 2009

Visiting Cousins

We have had a change of furniture in our home. We returned the couches we've been borrowing from our cousins for 2.5 years and got some new (free) couches and entertainment center. The new couches are on a smaller scale and a better fit in our small house, and required the shorter entertainment center so we could see the TV. This means the old TV cabinet became my craft cabinet and the office was rearranged as well. It now has a couch with hideaway bed, the craft cabinet and one bookshelf, while the other bookshelf moved to my bedroom.

So for the benefit of family who doesn't see them much, here are photos of cousins as we returned their couches.
And here are photos of the rooms, rearranged.
Munchkin loves it! These couches are easy for her to climb on.The office so far. Fixitman still needs to hang the top doors on the cabinet and fix the blinds and I've got more arranging and organizing to do.
A quick snapshot of the living room as the boys play in it. Have you noticed Dinoguy is too quick for photos recently?

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