Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of the year reflections on Listen

(Photo by Dinoguy)
As 2009 ends, I have been reflecting upon my word of the year: Listen. If you have noticed that my posts haven't had much writing in them this year, or wondered why I didn't post for an arbitrary period of time, it is because I haven't had as much to say. I've been too busy listening.

I wish I could say I've mastered listening, but I haven't. I have learned a lot about myself and learned who in my life it is most important to hear and really listen to. Listening has opened up my heart.

I continued pondering gentle as well. (From 2008). I think the thing about picking a word for a whole year is it really gives me time to focus on it. Not be in a rush. As 2009 ends, I'm not ready to leave the word listen. And yet by choosing one word a year I have a definite period to focus on the word of the year. So I've picked a new word which I'll post tomorrow.

In listening I've found out that I have a hard time saying no to acquaintances while its easy with my immediate family. That's backwards and I'm still working to change it.

In listening I've learned we need to slow down as a family and be home more. Some of that may be having a baby, but it is good for all of us. A home should be a haven and a blessed place to be. I want everyone to feel welcome and loved here. So I continue to work at making it such a refuge.

In listening I realized I was too busy to really listen sometimes and I needed to step back from some things, as hard as it is for me.

In listening I have found joy in choosing to do things that call to us despite the uncertainty. Like building a garden, starting violin lessons and making new friends.

In listening, I'm learning. So much.

I've made mistakes and tried to learn from them. I have started to be more trusting to my own inner voice. I'm trying to focus on those things that bring joy, peace and love into my life because when you really listen, those are the things that are worth doing.

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