Monday, April 13, 2015

September 2014

The biggest thing to happen in September was baby started walking. At 9.5 months! I was not prepared for it! Additionally there was the Improving Birth Rally, the beginning of a school year, visits from family, trips to museums, the beginning of soccer for Trainboy and Princess and wrestling for Dinoguy.

Mmm, homemade minidonuts!
Littleguy was not happy that he was not also starting soccer. I heard about it at every practice and game. I think a large part of it is this year he began thinking of himself as a "big boy" and therefore he should do all the things the big kids do right? Ah well.

Oh, and I got a horrible itchy rash all over my arms and legs and wanted to pull all of my skin off for most of the month. After two doctors and a steroid shot, it appears I am extremely allergic to poison ivy that our dog Sarge must have accidentally rubbed on me after playing in the park. I also lost pigment in my skin where the rash was in several places so you could see where the rash was for months. (no pictures!)

Baby walking! Since the older four kids walked between 11.5 and 12 months, I thought I knew what to expect. But this kid took his first steps this month and just kept going. He was walking all over the place by the end of the month. At the beginning he held out both arms like Frankenstein for balance. It was adorable. I have two videos, one from the beginning of the month when it was just a few steps and one from the end of the month when he was really getting good at it.

The birth rally...I was not as excited to do it this year but felt it was important and no one stepped up to take over. We held it on a Saturday instead of Labor Day hoping for bigger attendance at the rally and we did get it. But we also didn't get media coverage because it was an A&M football game day. Oh well. I had fun overall trying to bring awareness to a cause I believe in and I had support from friends and my sister was there!

Face painting at a party...he says it is something from Lord of the Rings

He loves all things dragon!

My brother, sister, brother in law, and nephew visited! So they actually came for some football game between BYU and Texas over in Austin but I was excited to have them visit. We went to several museums and had a great time. My sister also helped me re-cover my kitchen chairs and bench. She's awesome.
Picture with Uncle!

My sister came and helped me recover my chairs.
New shiny bench cover thanks to my sister.

I got in trouble for letting him touch this thing. 

4 kids all engaged in the same part of the museum? Take a picture as proof!

At the Texas History museum, trying on armor is something my kids always love to do.

We started "official school" in the second full week of the month. Even though we homeschool and learn year round, it is nice to have a small celebration for the beginning of a new school year. I also like taking the pictures. I often don't realize how much older kids have grown until I look back at old pictures. Also, Princess is officially school age this year. I can't believe she is so big!

This year Dinoguy decided to try wrestling instead of flag football. He enjoyed it from the start. He would come home exhausted from practices. He lost some weight and gained some muscle from all of it. It seemed to be a sport that was right up his alley. Princess was excited to begin playing soccer like Trainboy. She loved it from the start. She isn't shy at all on the soccer field. She goes for it! It's fun to watch her age play, they are mostly all learning the basics. Trainboy was on a good team that won most of their games. He ended up getting lots of time playing goalie which he says he enjoyed.
She's the tall one!

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