Thursday, September 19, 2013

Other March activities 2013

A quick run through the rest of March 2013 (if you can think back that long ago!)

We made kites at the library. Little guy loved making the kite but did NOT want to fly them. I think he may have just been tired. The other kids had a blast running around trying to get their kites in the air. 

Little Guy is screaming here about his kite while all the other kids are at the far end of the field.
A brief period of time where Trainboy was nearby 
I got a haircut. I learned to always have them style my hair straight because I had an extra long section at the back of my head that I didn't find until later plus she styled my hair pretty big and frizzy for my tastes.
It's amazing what taking a few inches off can do

We baked yummy treats of course, here is one from a cookbook Dinoguy was given called Monster Treats.

Princess and Little Guy loved picking carrots fresh from the neighbors' garden (with his permission).
They took naturally to acting like Bugs Bunny, though they refer to it more as being like Beaver on "Peep and the Big Wide World"

We made clay pinch pots from air dry clay and painted them. 
Painting their pots
Paintings made by Princess after she finished her pot. She likes art!
Princess' pinch pot, finished well before her brothers. Mom may have helped in the shaping of it.

 Princess found the tigger costume fit her just right and put it on occasionally to hop around the house.

The older boys participated in the Pinewood Derby with scouts. Lots of fun was had, they both did respectably, but did not have the top cars this year. Each chose an interesting shape for carving this year, Trainboy's looked like a bullet, while Dinoguy's looked kind of like an arrow.
Princess watching the races and eating hotdogs

Little Guy wandered around barefoot 

Boys racing got front row seats

Very excited for his first races!

 Dinoguy's car came in fourth place and Trainboy's came in thirteenth (out of maybe 25 cars).  Both boys were third place in their respective dens. Trainboy's overall would have placed higher but one of his wheels broke off at the end of the third run where he won the heat but unfortunately the computer didn't register it correctly and he had to re-race it before we had the wheel was a traumatic event for him not to win the heat ribbon due to the re-race (and Fixitman had already left to go back to school to finish a project and wasn't there to do his expert awesome dad repairs). 

We participated in an Easter egg hunt with church friends and dyed Easter eggs at home for fun. The kids were exceptionally cute as we held our own egg hunt in the back yard and they consumed loads of candy.

I took Easter Sunday pictures of the kids after church because we have early 9 am church this year and I opted for being on time over taking pictures beforehand. This means they weren't super thrilled about pictures. But at least I have pictures!

 I made all the Easter Sunday brunch recipes from Southern Living magazine for dinner this year, just for fun. It sounded like a healthy delicious meal and it is always fun to dream of making the whole meal they present in the issue. From now on though I have decided to stick to making only recipes that really jump out and "speak" to me as being delicious in the future, most of these had too many elements going on to be awesome and simpler would have been better. 
Our Southern Living East Brunch/Dinner - left to right we have Cornmeal Chive Biscuits, Scalloped Potato and Herb tart, Pepper Jelly and ginger glazed ham, Watercress buttermilk soup (a chilled soup), Asparagus, Orange and Lentil salad and the deviled eggs which were Fixitman's addition/request. I also made the Jasmine-Buttermilk Panna Cotta with berry sauce for dessert (see March 2013 issue). 
The ham was pretty good, but I don't think we'll make any of the recipes again. Overall I was disappointed with the food flavors. Even the dessert was only so-so.
Typical kids fighting over chairs before eating

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