Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The boys both played basketball this winter. Dinoguy's team was called the Jazz and he had 3 friends on the team and a friend's father as the coach, which was pretty fun. He had a lot of fun and improved a lot in his basketball skills.

 Trainboy's team was called the Cavaliers. He was amusingl to watch because once he was bored, he started doing random jumps and hops around the court. By the end of the season he was paying attention the whole time he was playing but at the beginning he only made it thru one quarter. The coaches were very patient. His age group really showed the kids who were super into sports and already knew it all compared to the kids who were just trying out a new experience and weren't really sure what was going on. It could have been painful but I chose to laugh about it instead. The thing that upset him the most was that there weren't any treats after the games (no food allowed in the gym).

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