Friday, January 27, 2012

November 2011

Highlights from November:

We held a small birthday party for Dinoguy with a couple of his friends. They had a great time. We went mini-golfing on a glow in the dark course and played a few arcade games before watching a movie, jumping on a trampoline, and of course having lots of treats.
Yep his two closest friends here are the same height and build and have the same hair color as him. It's funny.
We went to Home Depot for project building of course. Here is a cute shot of Baby.
Baby, Princess & I went on a couple mommy preschool field trips. One to a children's barnyard put on by the university and another to a bakery.

She preferred the tractor to the animals!
Princess is in an orange shirt on the left
What a big mixer!
The fabulous weather here always results in fun play outside in our yard.

The door is open - run for it!
And Baby started jumping in front of the camera to get his picture taken. It's adorable.
Fixitman and I went on a date.The kind where you leave the house. There are some great families here and we did a kiddie swap. Well, first Fixitman made us delicious sandwiches at home for dinner instead of eating out. Then we went to the bookstore and picked out cookbooks for each other and read favorite children's stories to eachother. It was a lot of fun for us. We're book nerds!
Best shot of my haircut from October you'll probably get!
Super flattering shot of us on our date!
We went up to visit Fixitman's sister for Thanksgiving and I LEFT THE CAMERA AT HOME. I was very unhappy about it but we still had a fabulous time. But seriously! No pictures of the feast or of my niece and nephews! The kids had a blast. No one wanted the fun to end.

I also substitute taught every day for several weeks in Novemeber and Princess and Baby tried out daycare.

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mariann and Tory said...

Oh how cute! Love the couple shot! Good job for going on a date! Love your new haircut!


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