Friday, September 09, 2011

Duff Family Reunion Photos

 These are not the official photos by the photographer. These are some I snapped when I wasn't in the photos. It was pretty neat to have all of Fixitman's siblings there.It's been over 20 years since they've managed that.

Yes my kids are contributing to the chaos.

And here is why we won't be paying for fancy family photos anytime soon - 4 kids, 4 different places they are looking. I think they practice it.

Oh and Baby? He practiced the art of having a blow out during the 5 minute ride to the photo location. Thank goodness I had a backup outfit on hand for him. I am holding him strategically to cover the lovely stain he made on my shirt.


Neilan Family said...

It is really amazing to get that many people together at one time. I'm so glad everyone was able to go. We tried to do the same thing during our summer vacation, but someone was always gone. (A brother on one side and a nephew on the other side.)

Bridget said...

Everyone is looking so cute and so grown up! I can't believe your little girl is not a baby anymore!


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