Saturday, May 21, 2011

Atlanta Temple open house

 We were lucky enough to get to travel to Atlanta for the open house before the temple was re-dedicated in April. This is the temple where Fixitman & I were married, so it is special to me. My grandma gave a family tour with 35 people from the extended family present. The inside is completely redone and absolutely beautiful. The boys really enjoyed seeing the temple and I believe it was a special experience for them. Princess was very tired and clingy and I ended up carrying her the whole time. She sure enjoyed the cookies afterward though! Here are some pictures.

Trainboy, Grandpa, Dinoguy & Princess at the back of the temple after the tour.

All 4 kids at the front of the temple

Best picture of the bunch
Playing their violins for Grandma's birthday afterward at the park.
Afterward we went to the park behind my grandparents chapel and had lunch and cake to celebrate Grandma's birthday. The boys played their violins, and Princess played her box violin.

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