Thursday, April 16, 2009

Haiku for Headstones

My friend invited us to share haiku for our headstones on her blog. I came up with a few and enjoyed them enough that I decided I wanted to record them here too. :)

Note - I take the planning of a headstone pretty seriously - currently I want my full name listed including maiden name, birth place and death place in addition to full birth and death dates and the names of my children on the back with their birth dates. These things need to be recorded everywhere IMHO and I have life insurance that can help pay for how expensive that will be to put on stone.

But the haiku - what fun it is to write the simple poems. Here are some:

I am a mother
I changed the world for better
Raising my children


You can catch a glimpse
My eternal legacy
Those who stop to visit here


For my dear children
I will always cherish you
In my heart forever


I learned early on
That what matters most in life
Are people we love

Kind of fun! What haiku would you write for your headstone?


Stephanie said...

Gone fishin?

See ya soon?


I've always considered
"To be continued...."

duff said...

In the interest of cost cutting I was just going to "piggyback" under your stone. SO maybe just my initials and then just make sure the cardboard box I am in is festively painted. All other type funds for such things should be used for a really awesome sandwich bar at the funeral/wake. Oh and I want to wear my purple "Groom" shirt and have my big long body pillow with me.

Mia said...

I love the second one.

We'll be in a family plot, so it would be fun to have something like this to mark a little of our personalities. Now I'll have to think about writing one...

Sarah said...

I'm so doing this. Thanks for the cool idea. I used to love writing Haikus.


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