Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Hairy Tale

I am officially conceding that Baby has the most hair of our kids. In my memory, Dinoguy had this much too. But looking at the pictures, his head grew a lot more or his was thinner. Perhaps it just seemed like a lot at the time. But having reviewed the pictures, it seems that my kids have each had more hair than the previous one, ending in Baby's fantastic do. It has highlights and lowlights (its growing in red, has dark brown in the middle and then blond tips!) The next child will need a ponytail at birth if this continues. Or perhaps we might have a bald one?  (All these pictures are at about 2 months old)
Baby, end of 2010

His shirt says "Stripling Warriors, Mommas Boys"

Dinoguy, Christmas 2002, same shirt
Dinoguy Christmas 2002, slightly better shot of his hair.

Trainboy and Fixitman, Feb 2005

Trainboy with Aunt, Feb 2005

Princess and her dad, Feb 2009.
Princess, Feb 2009


rob said...

Wait so is this an announcement of some kind,"the next one",...? :)

KMDuff said...

no. not an announcement. reference to the future.

Miranda said...

I'll bet you had lots of fun looking at all those pics of your babies; I sure did! They are precious!
Yes, Baby has the most hair of the 4. He also looks like the fattest of the 4. Your milk must get creamier with age ;)

"M" said...

He seriously does have a lot of hair! I'd be tempted to put bows in it! =) Isn't it amazing how different each child looks?

erin said...

Yay! I'm the favorite aunt here!


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