Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall Garden views

A week postpartum I ventured out to see how my neglected garden was faring. It has loved October and started growing tomatoes and peppers FINALLY. I think fall is really the best time to garden in Texas. I'm slowly learning and getting better at gardening here. Just keep learning...

Munchkin on the trampoline

Trainboy next to his ear of corn. We planted 4 ears at the beginning of August after a science project on the seeds. (just for fun) Three survived and one has an ear of corn on it!

Our miraculous ear of corn that will probably not get a chance to get big enough. Still cool to see.

Cherry tomatoes finally! Will they get to ripen?

Tons of banana peppers finally. Note - I thought banana peppers were sweet? These are super hot!

A few jalapenos! Too bad no ripe tomatoes to go with them!

My tomato wall.

Seeing the little cherry tomatoes makes me happy. I've kept them alive FOREVER and now they finally are making fruit!

The rest of my motley garden.

Mmm..fresh basil
So I have chicken wire wrapped around the garden because I never got around to building the removable cages I intended to build. The chicken wire kept out some pests but not all. The squirrels are insane here. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned how much I hate them. Now we have rabbits living in our front yard or something too. Then there are the birds that think the chicken wire was put there to help them eat the plants. Sigh. Next year I need to get the removable covered cages built like suggested in Square Foot Gardening. Hopefully Fixitman is reading this and will make it happen for me. :D

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Screwed Up Texan said...

banana peppers are traditionally sweet, but you can purchase hot varieties. All of our banana peppers (and ours have been producing since May through now prolifically) are sweet.


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