Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday update

Sorry no recent pictures, just haven't been pulling out the camera. Busy decluttering and spring cleaning I guess. (About halfway thru the house on that).

Monday is laundry day. I wish I could do a load a day, but that usually ends up with me forgetting about a load in the wash or dryer and so it's better to just focus on getting it all done on one day. The diapers got sun dried, towels got washed, the clothes have all been washed, though I'm still working on the stained items. Almost everything has been folded and put away too which is half the battle. Hopefully before bed they will all be done.

Today was also strawberry jam making day, and pocket pie making day and chicken stock making day! It was a busy day in the kitchen as well. We made beef stew pocket pies as well as chocolate pocket pies. Yummy! I love making jam. Plus it just tastes better when its homemade. I had a friend over to show her how I do it as well, and we made a batch for her to take home too. Super fun!

I got a phone call that I am going to be coaching Dinoguy's baseball team! That'll be interesting. :) Trainboy will be doing t-ball and Dinoguy is doing coach pitch. It's co-ed thru the YMCA and based on ages, so it should be more cooperative than competitive. Atleast baseball is a sport I know a good amount about, though I've never been a coach!

I have been practicing a song I'm going to be the accompanist for tomorrow as well. I got the music yesterday so working fast to learn it. It is very pretty but there are some big awkward chords in there that my hands are still learning.

Made time to play with Munchkin this morning, have been realizing the past few weeks that she needs specific play time with me just like her brothers! She just can't ask for it with words. I introduced puppets this morning and we played pretend with the dolls as well. She also liked pushing the truck back and forth with her brother. It's fun to introduce her to new games! This weekend I learned she can climb up the slide on the playset in the backyard! It's 3-4 feet off the ground, and is a steep spindly ladder. Gave me a scare at first how fast she got up there, but she just keeps going up after sliding down! So I stand nearby and she loves it.

Dinoguy demonstrated he can get across the whole playset without touching the ground today. He was very proud of his new trick. His wrist is obviously feeling better. Yay! He has discovered the graphic novels (comic books) at the library and is usually absorbed in one when inside. He loves other books too, but is learning all about superheroes from the comics.

Trainboy has been building, playing with the stopwatch and with magnets lately. He is so curious about everything, and does not like my definition of a while ("as long as it takes"). He keeps asking for specifics. But mom, how many minutes in a while? He is getting pretty good at the level 1 readers from the library and learns new words every day. I checked out a few "learn to read" system books but haven't found any that work well for him & I. So we just keep checking out learn to read books on topics he likes. (Star Wars, Fancy Nancy, Truck Town, Berenstain Bears)

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mariann and Tory said...

Good luck with coaching!! The parents are the least in Utah! Haha! Good luck with that:}


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