Sunday, February 08, 2009

Playing games with Grandpas

Dinoguy decided he wanted to teach DinoGrandpa how to play backgammon while he was visiting. (This involved me sitting there and explaining the rules to both, since Dinoguy only vaguely remembered the rules from the last time we had played.) Then I played backgammon with Trainboy.

DinoGrandpa & Dinoguy then played Battleship while Trainboy & I played Blokus Trigon and then switched to Trainboy playing battleship with DinoGrandpa and Dinoguy & I making designs with Blokus. Playing Blokus with the boys involves a lot of free play and design making. Trainboy's game of Battleship quickly became him playing individually with the ships, since he liked to sail them around his board, making guessing where the ships were doubly hard. Here is a photo Dinoguy took of his picture he made on the blokus board.Of course the boys played Hide & Seek with Grandpa Actuary while he was here - they love to use their new best hiding places in games with him. The boys loved having their Grandpas visit, even for a short weekend.

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Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

Grandparents are great for game playing!


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