Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lemonade and Porkchops

Dinoguy and I have been reading the cookbooks he picked out at the library. Reading thru every recipe. The first recipe that caught his fancy was for Lemonade and had a drawing of a lemonade stand. He just had to have a lemonade stand to make money and fill his wallet. (His words.) I told him it was a bit cold for lemonade stands and that he might not get any customers. He was not deterred.
He brought it up and made sure we got lemons at the store and with Grandpa Actuary's help (in town visiting) made up a lovely batch of lemonade and then asked when Fixitman would build his stand. Luckily he accepted a small desk and chair as a substitute. He made his signs and set up shop. It was about 2 in the afternoon on a Saturday, no one was about. Two people down the street emerged and he yelled for them to come buy lemonade to no avail. Not easily deterred, Dinoguy wanted to go knock on doors and tell people his lemonade stand was open. I think he'd be a natural salesman! I didn't allow the door to door solicitation. After about 15 minutes, the pork chops he'd made earlier were done inside and we headed inside to eat them. No sales of lemonade. We talked about it today, and he's ready to wait for a bit warmer weather to try again.

The apple porkchops he made for everyone (both Grandpa's were visiting) were delicious. Mmm... Excellent supper for a Saturday afternoon.


Screwed Up Texan said...

Just waiting for my kids to try this...yesterday would have been a better day for lemonade. Although I would have bought from him any day.

What's the price for a cup of lemonade going for these days?

Stephanie said...

Soooo cute!
trev was talkin' lemonade stand the other day, too.
And then he decided upon sandwiches, and he and his daddy had to talk health codes and business plan for a goodly amount of time. :)

I'm sure we'll be lemonading it this summer!!

Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

How funny! The girls have always wanted to do that, well will have to make it happen once warm!


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