Monday, April 30, 2007

Vacation Time

Well, I guess this 2 month period is our vacation time since DH's job doesn't start until July. There is so much to do though that I don't know if it counts. We still don't know where we are moving, but will be moving toward the end of June. So the whole house has to be cleaned, sorted and packed. There are 3 family weddings in the next two months and I need to turn in the final copy of my thesis to the University. That's not to mention the list of books I want to read, movies DH wants to watch, crafts I want to do and trips we want to take! (Lack of money being the limiting factor!)

The next two months should be very interesting.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I need another Book Group

I go to two book groups currently. But I need another one. Seriously.

I am currently reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. I recently finished The Gospel of Food, and a few months ago read Fast Food Nation. The things I have been reading are eye-opening and astounding to me. I try to talk about it with DH and he just laughs because he grew up on a farm in Idaho. He has personally experienced all these things that I have no clue about, that I am just horrified to learn about the animals I used to eat.

I am currently a vegetarian. My main reason is because I don't really like the taste of meat anymore. It makes me sick feeling. I am happier without meat, so I stopped eating it. But reading these books (specifically Fast Food Nation & The Omnivore's Dilemma) is making me feel like it is just wrong to eat animals that are treated so poorly.

But should eating on a daily basis really be a MORAL issue? We are still poor and just trying to make rent for a few more months before my husbands' real job starts, since school is ending this week. I can't afford to buy all organic, morally raised food.

For this reason, I really appreciated The Gospel of Food. It is very different from the other two books, in purpose, tone, and issues discussed. It provides a balance to the reading of the other books, from which I start to believe I need to start living on a self sufficient farm, like in the book The Self Sufficient Life and How to Live it by John Seymour. I will write a post about all of those ramblings in my mind later.

So why do I need another book group? I need to be able to discuss these books with people who have read the books and want to talk about them too. Then I can stop hijacking perfectly normal conversations with family members who don't want to discuss them.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Passing my Defense

I passed my thesis defense yesterday. It was interesting. My 1st defense two years ago where I was told to revise and resubmit was longer, more intimidating, and more emotional. This time around I was sure I would pass as I was very conservative and made sure things were okay with my chair and committee before scheduling. The questions weren't so much about the content as about extensions of it.

I'm glad to not have any major rewrites ahead of me anymore! But all the little details I will have to pull together to submit it officially to the University for archival and all that will be entertaining probably. Formal editing and all that isn't my idea of fun but at least it shouldn't be too difficult!

My topic was the common traits of the thought processes of those who were successful at creating proof in the proof creation process.

My dear friend passed her defense two days ago as well. We are going to celebrate... as soon as we have a chance. First we are just going to recover I think!


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